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We buy Toyotas

We also purchase Toyotas for dismantling. These cars come from auctions, car companies, and from private individuals. Often the cars offered by private individuals are no longer worth MOT or need an overpriced repair to get damage repaired. Because we purchase the cars for dismantling for sale of the individual parts, we can often offer more for a car than a regular scrap yard that dismantles it for recycling.

You will not hear the text "You can be happy with a guarantee", we will always make a realistic offer for your Toyota. If you want a bid for your car you can always email us. We would then like to receive the following information: License plate. year of construction, mileage, general condition of the car and the defects, the more information we have the more accurate the bid. We are also happy to receive a number of up-to-date photos from you. You can email this to
We view the data for you, make a calculation of the valuable parts and deduct the costs for dismantling, our bid follows. Safeguarding is of course no problem, this can be done directly at the counter or even by telephone if our driver comes to collect the car from you. (Costs are often charged for collection, within the Netherlands this is on average 50 to 150 euros.)

Purchase individual Toyota parts

We also purchase Toyota parts from companies and individuals. Often there are companies that clean up their stock or switch to another brand and therefore want to sell their stock of Toyota parts. In such cases we receive a list of the company with the parts present.
This list is counted by sales value, this includes a separation of fast-running parts and parts that we believe will remain in the warehouse for a number of years, a cost calculation will be made and our bid will follow.

Individuals can also offer us parts, often these come from a hobby project that has been terminated or a cleaning up of the garage. The possible bid on this also follows after submitting a received parts list. You must keep in mind that our offer will be different if the prices that you can count on marketplace, the costs for storage, personnel, counts etc etc must of course also be calculated.

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