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Lost your keys and now?

There are moments when you don't know where to look, losing your keys is such a moment.​ You are disappointed by this fact and want it solved as quickly as possible. At your garage / dealer this story becomes a lot less pleasant, because in many cases you will be told that you have to take into account repair prices between 1000 and 3000 euros because the motor computer must be replaced by a new one. computer.

The technique
Keys are nowadays provided with a chip, this chip is read by a ring around your ignition which forwards the signal to a key computer or in many cases the motor computer. The computer checks whether the chip code is programmed and ensures that the fuel and / or ignition is released. Therefore, you cannot start the car without the correct programmed chip.

Keys with such a chip can be programmed afterwards, but this is only possible if the original master key (black key) is present. Without the master key it is not possible to learn via the software and a new empty key motor computer must be purchased with new keys. These computers are very expensive and cause the story of the lost key to become even less pleasant.

The alternative
There is a cheaper solution to this problem, many of which do not know that this is possible. With the right knowledge, expertise and tools, we can program new keys directly in the ECU, this is not done via the test computer but directly in code on the correct chip in your key-engine computer. How can you arrange this?

You or your garage:
Call us (033-2580858), we will indicate which computer has to be dismantled and we will pass on the costs.
Disassemble the correct part and order new keys, this is also possible with us. Bring or send the correct computer to us with the new keys. We ensure that the new keys are taught in the computer.
This does not happen at our house because of the special equipment that is required, this means you have lost the computer for 2 to 4 days. Receive a message from us that the computer is ready for collection or shipment. With a week you can drive away in your own car with new keys.

For this programming, we charge between € 200 and € 450 depending on the type of your car. This does not include the new keys, but you must pay them separately in both cases. You can see the saving on this is very standard with the only drawback that you cannot use your car for a few days.

If you want the repair to proceed faster, this can be done by having the repair done entirely by us. Expanding and installing the computers is for our daily work, we know where the computer is and can take it away the same day. Of course we also pick up the car from you and can also deliver it to you if desired.

Thanks to our experience in the Toyota field, we know exactly which type of car has a separate key computer and which has the keys programmed into the engine computer. So before you or your garage will dismantle computers, we always advise you to call us first to check which computer needs to be disconnected, saving you a lot of time and money.

Send us an email at or complete the contact form. We will email you a quote as soon as possible.

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