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Revision a great alternative:

For many parts such as engines, gearboxes, cylinder heads and turbos, a used or overhaul part is a great alternative. Moreover, it saves a lot in purchase costs.

What is revision exactly?

Overhauling is checking and possibly repairing engines and machines. In particular, the revision of an engine refers to 'refurbishing' it in such a way that it can function for a long time. Partial revisions are also possible. First of all, all parts are cleaned and stripped of oils, fats and other forms of attack. The engine components are then checked and an analysis of the cause of the problems follows. The necessary parts are then dismantled. If it appears that they can function again without problems after processing, they can be used again. In case of doubt, the part is usually replaced.

Just as good as new, for a competitive price:

Overhauling car parts, such as turbos, cylinder heads and engine blocks, contributes to a sustainable future. We at Car Toyota are 100% behind this, why buying new when used or overhauled is also good. Our specialists quickly see what's wrong and always ensure the best results. In addition, we perform sharp checks at every step of the process. Afterwards, a refurbished gearbox is as good as, or even better than new. For a competitive price, taking into account your margin.

We have many refurbished parts in stock. If you cannot find them on our shop, please call or email, we may be able to help you.

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