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Carina ‘70-‘77 (A1)
carina 7077 a1

Carina '70-'77 (A1)

Carina ‘77-‘81 (A4)
carina 7781 a4

Carina '77-'81 (A4)

Carina ‘81-‘83 (A6)
carina 8183 a6

Carina '81-'83 (A6)

Carina 2 ‘83-‘88 (T15)
carina 2 8388 t15

Carina 2 '83-'88 (T15)

Carina 2 ‘88-‘92 (T17)
carina 2 8892 t17

Carina 2 '88-'92 (T17)

Carina E ‘92-‘97 (T19)
carina e 9297 t19

Carina E '92-'97 (T19)

Parts for a Toyota Carina

The Toyota Carina was produced between 1970 and 2000. After the Toyota Corolla, the Toyota Carina is the most produced Toyota of the Toyota brand. In Europe, the Toyota Avensis became the successor to the Toyota Carina. Are you looking for Toyota Carina parts? Then you are at the right place at CAR Toyota Parts. On this page you will find all parts that are suitable for a Toyota Carina. In addition to used parts, we also supply new parts, both imitation and original. If your part is not listed please contact us by mail or call 033-2580858. Our warehouse is over 3000 M2 filled with more than 800.000 parts. There is a good chance that if your part is not online we will have it.

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