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Hilux ‘88-‘97 2 WD
hilux 8897 2 wd

Hilux '88-'97 2 WD

Hilux ‘88-‘97 4WD
hilux 8897 4wd

Hilux '88-'97 4WD

Hilux ‘97-‘05 (N14/N15) 2WD
hilux 9705 n14n15 2wd

Hilux '97-'05 (N14/N15) 2WD

Hilux ‘05-‘11 (KUN1/2)
hilux 0511 kun12

Hilux '05-'11 (KUN1/2)

Hilux ‘11- (KUN2/3)
hilux 11 kun23

Hilux '11- (KUN2/3)

Hilux ‘97-‘05 (N16/N17) 4WD
hilux 9705 n16n17 4wd

Hilux '97-'05 (N16/N17) 4WD

Hilux ‘15-‘21 (GUN 125/135)
hilux 1521 gun 125135

Hilux '15-'21 (GUN 125/135)

Parts for a Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is a pickup from Toyota. The Hilux has been produced since 1968 and since then seven generations of the Hilux have succeeded each other. The current generation dates from 2005, with an upgrade in 2008, 2011 and 2012. The Hilux television program proved that the Hilux is a reliable car. The program attempted to "destroy" a Toyota Hilux, after several attempts including dropping from a great height, in fires, bumping into a tree and leaving it in the sea that the car - with some minor repairs (read: only keys) and similar operations with standard tools, not spare parts) - was still "driveable". As a tribute to the car, it is now prominently displayed in the studio during broadcasts. Are you looking for Toyota Hilux parts? Then you are at the right place at CAR Toyota Parts. On this page you will find all parts that are suitable for a Toyota Hilux. In addition to used parts, we also supply new parts, both imitation and original. If your part is not listed please contact us by mail or call 033-2580858. Our warehouse is over 3000 M2 filled with more than 800.000 parts. There is a good chance that if your part is not online we will have it.